Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See Kai Run

"Every journey begins with the first step".

Ok, here's the lowdown on one of our favorite brands. They just came out with the new spring and summer shoes, so we want to tell you all about why they are so great!

See Kai Run was started by a mother who couldn't find comfortable shoes with flexible soles for her two year old to wear outside. She was inspired to create See Kai Run and designed a line of shoes as "happening as Kai", her son. A bold, hip, fun, urban sensible shoe was born!

Every mother knows the benefits of Velcro closures, so easy to get on and off, but the shoe doesn't stop there. With the soles made up of super flexible rubber, and the breathable leather linings, they bend in all the right places.

Check out some of our favorite new spring and summer shoes by reading more about See Kai Run on our website.

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