Monday, September 7, 2009

Find Fallbrook

The town's visitor bureau puts out a nice little newsletter called "Discover Fallbrook" Recently we were featured! Check it out...

Wee Little Sprouts Brings Real Toys to Kids

"When Amy and Scott Rowland traveled to Minnesota to attend a toy convention earlier this year, they brought along an experienced toy evaluator - their 6 year old daughter Bellamy. Who better to decide what to put on the shelves of their Wee Little Sprouts children's toy and clothing store than the end user, explains Amy. "We are not going to sell something we haven't tried," she said.

The couple, wildlife biologists who shifted gears nearly six years ago and opened the store, sell toys that challenge a child's imagination and creativity. In a day and age of television and electronic games, the Rowlands believe kids don't get a chance play today. Not surprisingly, you won't find a lot of plastic or battery operated toys in Wee Little Sprouts. What you will find are quality American and European toys made out of wood and fabric, outfits for playing dress up, family games and organic kids and toddlers clothes. Along the way the couple hopes to educate people about the value of organic products and corporate responsibility. Wee Little Sprouts ships its products to customers all over the world. Amy is hoping to build the businesses' Internet sales, which now account for about 20 percent of overall sales.

Located at 119 N. Main Street at the entrance to Jackson Square, Wee Little Sprouts is open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information go to:"

Stay tuned as we highlight some of our great finds from this show so you can get caught up with us... and thanks to everyone at the visitor's bureau!