Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doodlebugs Play Date

Join us for a Doodlebug Designs event on June 3rd!

Event is free and is from 11-2 in our shop.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For those of you who missed it....

This morning was an amazing workshop by Amy Rowland, owner of Wee Little Sprouts. For those of you who could not make it out, we've got it on film and will be sharing it soon!

Stay tuned for all the info on cloth diapering and baby carriers!

Warehouse Sale This Weekend!

75% off everything!

This year's warehouse sale is going to be better than usual. We are moving to a new warehouse and really need to get rid of inventory! We will be selling more than just toys and clothes, we'll be getting rid of tissue paper and ribbon, small displays, shabby chic furniture, and lots more.

This Saturday and Sunday only
May 22nd and 23rd

303 Industrial Way in Fallbrook

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Carrying & Cloth Diapering Workshop

Amy Rowland, owner of Wee Little Sprouts, is having a workshop! Well, it's really two workshops in one...

Have you been considering cloth diapers? Amy will be giving an informative talk on why you may want to try the cloth diaper vs the throw away kind. She will demo the different brands we carry, along with the accessories and covers they come with.

In addition, she is going to give a demo of how to use each type of baby sling, letting you know the pros and cons of each. After having two children of her own, in addition to running the store, she's a person you can trust for some simple, straight forward information.

We carry three kinds of baby slings; the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, the Moby Wrap, and the ERGO baby. Both men and women will want to see which carriers are best for them.


May 18th, 2010
10 - 11 am
In our downtown Fallbrook store

Click the flier for an enlarged version

Do a Dot Play Date

Saturday May 22, 2010
119 N Main Street
Downtown Fallbrook

Do a Dot Art is hosting a FREE play date this month! Kids can spark their imagination and awaken creativity with fun dot markers. Wee Little Sprouts will be providing the activity pages, see here to view one!

It's easy to use and doesn't need cups, brushes, or have drips or spills.

Call us at 760 728 9339 for more details on Do a Dots!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When Pregnant Women Crave Dirt...

We just read an interesting article about strange cravings that some women experience during their pregnancy. We knew that it happened from time to time, but didn't really know it had a name of it's own! Most people don't even realize that women can crave dirt and chalk while they are pregnant, so we wanted to share this article with you. Here is a snippet:

"Strange cravings during pregnancy are referred to as "pica," eating non-food substances. Pica stems from the Latin word for Magpie, a bird known for eating pretty much anything. Pica occurs to a small percentage of pregnant women, less than 30 percent, and many women are unaware of this experience until it happens to them, or someone they know.

The first question many ask is why women have cravings for dirt in the first place. Unfortunately the answer is not entirely known for certain, although some studies have shown it may be due to an iron deficiency or even an overall lacking of minerals that have not been consumed from regular food intake. Getting enough vitamins during pregnancy is important, and it may be nature kicking in to find these minerals elsewhere, often, from dirt."

To read the full article, check out or click HERE to go straight to it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


We've just received a ton of new PlanToys in our store! We love these wooden toys for all ages, and hope you want to learn more about them.

Watch this video to see what makes them tick (it's a little on dramatic side, so popcorn is always recommended)

Another Doodlebug Day!

Join us Thursday, May 6th
in our downtown store for Doodlebug Designs!
11 - 2

With Mother's Day around the corner, creating a lasting keepsake for loved ones has never been easier!

Read our past blogs here for more info on ceramic stamping!