Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Time Headaches

Summer is a fun time of year (by the way, if you live in Southern California- What is up with this weather?) but it can also cause stress with all the family vacations, trips, and outings. While you are busy keeping up with the kids, you might develop a migraine headache.

We came across this article from healthtree.com about summer time headaches, and wanted to pass along some of the information. As well as making sure your children are stopping to hydrate and apply more sunscreen, you really need to take care of yourself as well!

Here's an excerpt:

"All the increased exposure to sunlight may have its negative affects, one common annoyance being the light reflecting off cement surfaces, cars, and water. When the eyes are strained from such light exposure, the most common side effect may be tension headache. This type of ache is described as a throbbing pain between the eyes, lasting around 30 minutes on average.

Many have heard of an ice cream headache, or brain freeze, caused by the consumption of something cold, usually after its hit the roof of the mouth. This causes the blood vessels in the brain to dilate, leading to a quick passing but intense pain. However a newer term on the radar this season is called a hot dog headache.

Eating popular barbecue foods filled with nitrates, namely hot dogs, releases nitric oxide, a gas that also leads to a dilating of blood vessels in the brain. Symptoms of this type of headache will mostly be a pulsing pain that can last up to an hour. Coupling foods high in nitrates with foods high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, such as yogurt, can reduce dilation and pain by up to 40 percent."

The article had some interesting stuff, to read more click here!

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