Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Up to Age 12... Says Who?

A short, short, true story from one of our customers...

Is it really true? Do you really have to get rid of your toys when you turn 12 years old?

My brother seemed to think so. My family remembers this story well, and I'm afraid it goes down in history as one even I, his little sister, will think of when I see a toy destined "for up to age 12."

You see, my brother loved and adored his toys. Especially his legos and play mobile characters. We never had tv growing up, and I tell you, our imaginations got a run for their money. But the ever looming 12th birthday was approaching and worry was all over his face.

"You don't have to get rid of your toys just because the box says for up to age 12", my parents tried to reassure him.

But nevertheless...

The day he turned 12 that was it. They were gone. Without so much as even asking our parents for approval, the small fortune they had spent over the years was shoved into the hands of some boys more "appropriately aged" for such things.

Now, as he turns 30 this year, he has begun slowly but surely collecting those favorite little long lost friends of his again. For me, I guess it would be coloring. Sometimes when I'm stressed out I actually think about how nice it would be to put on some music and just sit down and color!

It's actually kind of inspiring to see him get in touch with his inner child like that. I just hope this time he doesn't take it so literally when the box arrives with those dreaded words... For up to age 12