Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Carrying & Cloth Diapering Workshop

Amy Rowland, owner of Wee Little Sprouts, is having a workshop! Well, it's really two workshops in one...

Have you been considering cloth diapers? Amy will be giving an informative talk on why you may want to try the cloth diaper vs the throw away kind. She will demo the different brands we carry, along with the accessories and covers they come with.

In addition, she is going to give a demo of how to use each type of baby sling, letting you know the pros and cons of each. After having two children of her own, in addition to running the store, she's a person you can trust for some simple, straight forward information.

We carry three kinds of baby slings; the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, the Moby Wrap, and the ERGO baby. Both men and women will want to see which carriers are best for them.


May 18th, 2010
10 - 11 am
In our downtown Fallbrook store

Click the flier for an enlarged version


  1. I cloth diaper and didn't know that you carry them!! Do you carry prefolds? That is what I use along with a Thirsties Dua Wrap cover. Do you have your cloth diaper products listed? I'd love to know what you carry so that I can get my supplies locally instead of always having to buy them online!

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  3. we carry Bummis and Happy Heinys (one size diapers) and organic sherpa diapers.... thanks Adrienne!